When in Doubt…Ask

We were hearing a lot of loud fireworks today and couldn’t figure out what they were for.  Tuesday, May 1st was “Day of the Worker.”  Saturday, May 5th is “Cinco de Mayo.”  What could Thursday, May 3rd be?

We had no recollection.

When we saw our neighborhood gardener watering the plants, we asked him if he knew.  Of course, he did!

Why…today is Día del Albañil.  Of course!  Day of the Bricklayer/Mason.  Sometimes referred to as Día de la Santa Cruz or Day of the Holy Cross because the albañiles make a cross of the type of material they normally work with and present it to their priest for a blessing.  This they think will give them a year of good luck/safety in their work I presume.  I also read an article that mentioned the day also should contain a meal…perhaps a picnic…that the albañil knows how to make (think grill) and enjoys this meal as well as alcoholic beverages (well that could be just about any meal during the day or night on any particular day I would think).

Didn’t find a solid source of info for this little festival day, but we were happy to discover just what day it is today.  Happy Bricklayer Day!  If you’re a friend from Kentucky or North Carolina or any other state other than Indiana, go shoot some hoops in honor of this day.  ha-ha!


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