Ready 2 Roll…

Just a quick, late-night post to let you know we’re ready to hit the road and head for a zillion destinations in the next few weeks.

We’d greatly appreciate your prayers for our travels, especially the next couple days as we travel within Mexico.  The plan is to get to Dallas is a bit different than we’ve done before.  I don’t want to lay it out in a public blog so there are some positives toward our safety risks for trying it this way.  We trust the Lord will protect us as He will and to answer prayers according to His will.

Thanks for those prayers and we look forward to seeing as many of you as is possible over the coming few weeks in the USA.  Pray too for God’s provision.  Traveling is costly and yet part of the ministry.  Pray for the disciples here who will be without any missionaries to help them in their spiritual journey.  They have God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.  I suspect He can take care of everyone just fine without us!  🙂

Hopefully, we’ll find some interesting photo subjects along the way and will get to share those with you as we go.

Godspeed…and we like the “speed” part of that blessing  (haha).

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