Summer Trip – Part 1

Thanks for your prayers.  Our group made it safely through Mexico and into Texas on Thursday.  We did not encounter any violence and once again the drive was quite uneventful just as we prayed and hoped it would be.

On Tuesday, the American consulate in Matamoros issued a new advisory.  The U.S. government had just arrested a major U.S. -based Mexican cartel member and thus there is some apprehension that the cartel could retaliate against American citizens in Mexico, especially in the region through which we were to travel.  It remains to be seen whether there will be any such violence.

We also made it safely to Dallas from Matehuala, SLP (a 15 hour day in the car).  Unfortunately, our two traveling companions have had some significant challenges on this side of the border.   When we said goodbye to them in Laredo yesterday at 2 p.m., we were headed for Dallas (7.5 hour drive).  They were only heading a couple hours up the road to San Antonio (2.5 hour drive).  They arrived there an hour after we arrived in Dallas!  Both of their vehicles broke down in the span of about 20 miles.

We read on Facebook that one of the vehicles was to be checked out this morning at a garage but we have not heard anything further and they have not yet arrived here where we were expecting them.  They didn’t have a USA cell phone so we’re not sure how they’ve fared today or where they are.  Pray for the Beckers that they’ll get their van repaired effectively and will arrive here safely in Dallas (on their way to Illinois).  Pray for the Beckers that they’ll get their van repaired effectively and will arrive here safely in Dallas (on their way to Illinois).

Today, we got our vehicle registration renewed (it expires this month!) and got a few important purchases made that we needed before hitting the road tomorrow.  From here we head to Paris, TX (more precisely somewhere just outside of Pattonville).  Cameron got hooked up with his great friend, Brent Buhler (a fellow Camino MK).  Those two are something when they’re together.  The conversation is fast and furious (yes, even here, north of the border…haha).  Cameron is spending the night over at Brent’s house and so is about as happy as he could be.  Dayton has enjoyed having some rare time as an “only child” for the evening.

I was hoping to remember to take some pics to share along the way so here are a few photos from our morning drive through northern Mexico as well as a couple of photos from the headquarters of Camino Global.


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