Summer Trip – Part 3 (“Throwed Rolls”)

We drove a long segment today from Little Rock, AR to New Albany, IN (over 500 miles).  Somehow, we ended up stopping for a late lunch at a relatively famous restaurant that we had never heard of nor would we have known it existed except for a few billboards.  If you’ve ever wondered, billboard advertizing does work.  At least, when it comes to finding a lunch spot in the middle of nowhere, it sure does.

We enjoyed the Lambert Cafe for a family outing/lunch.  It wasn’t our typical budget lunch so we decided to call it a family outing so we could enjoy it despite the price.  They do, in fact, throw the rolls to you.  What fun!  A few hit the floor but most people catch them.  The rolls are too tasty to NOT catch them!  Although, I caught one and it was so hot I thought I would drop it.  It was so light and fluffy, I think it landed and molded to my hand which made dropping it on purpose quite a challenge!

It was a lot of fun though and the food was pretty good, especially the rolls and fried okra.  I snapped a few pics of the experience.  Beth snapped a shot of our quick crossing over the Mississippi River on “I-50something.” (I couldn’t keep track of the Interstate numbers…I just followed the GPS and hoped it would all work out.  It did this time.)


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