Summer Trip – Part 5 (C’s First Golf Lesson)

Shortly after our late evening arrival at my brother’s home this evening, Cameron received an impromptu, first-ever golf lesson.  My brother has been learning the game and was happy to show Cameron some swing basics in the back yard.  For a first-time ever lesson on gripping and swinging the club, he did pretty well.

I was happy to discover a reason to use the “Super Slow-Mo” feature of our new camera.  The lighting was poor since it was late in the evening, and the YouTube conversion makes the lighting even worse in the video, but you can make it out.  I’ll have to do this again during the day time.  It’s a neat feature and could be helpful in pointing out particulars of one’s golf swing.  I don’t play and don’t know the game so I’m afraid that after tomorrow, Cameron’s golf career may be stalled for quite some time.

My brother has a membership at a local course so plans on taking Cameron for 9 holes tomorrow afternoon!  That ought to be fun!  Just like in tennis, he seems to have a knack for quickly learning the mechanics.

He has a little bit of hook with this shot, but hey, he’s only been golfing in his life for all of 10 minutes at this point!  🙂  I’ll share more slo-mo vids as I get them.  They’re cool!


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1 Response to Summer Trip – Part 5 (C’s First Golf Lesson)

  1. bfamilyof7 says:

    Praying for your travels. Looks like a good time!


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