Maranatha’s Got Talent

Our retreat held a small talent show last night.  Mercifully, it was quite short.  Glad to say it did actually come with some talent.  We started with a gentleman playing “Jesus Loves Me” with a saw.  The “winner” was a little MK gal who played the violin with her father.  She’s only been taking lessons for about a year, but does quite well.

Interestingly, the girl’s father is the brother of one of Beth’s boarding school friends (also a missionary but in the Czech Republic).  The little girl’s mother is cousin to the wife of one of Beth’s cousins in Traverse City.  Small world.

…and no…whoever that is sitting in the background in the above photo was not about to have his legs sawed off.  🙂

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One Response to Maranatha’s Got Talent

  1. Ken says:

    I figured that was the “saw trick” that lost!!


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