The Rolling Stonebaker

Saturday morning the adults walked a couple blocks over to the downtown “farmers’ market” or whatever they call it here in Chesterton, IN.  It seems a little too “boutiquey” to be what I would call a farmers’ market.  They had some nice artsy-craftsy stuff which would make sense in this community.  There were plenty of baked goodies.

I couldn’t help but notice that most of the patrons drove very nice cars and many of them paraded around with their pampered dogs of all sizes and shapes.  Most things seemed to cost way more than I thought they were worth and what I would ever be willing to pay.  I think Beth bought some beets from the one actual vendor of farm vegetation who almost resembled a farmer.  I’m not sure who they’re trying to kid by calling it a farmers’ market, but if no one happened to notice, there wasn’t even a single farmer there selling anything.

Anyway, the thing that captured my attention was the old Studebaker firetruck that has been converted into a rolling pizza oven.  They call it “The Rolling Stonebaker.”


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