Convocation – Day 5

Today is the final day of our 5 day Camino Global Convocation. These meetings are generally only once every 10 years or so. That means there are some Camino family we probably won’t see again for 10 years and some we won’t see again before the Lord returns. I think the word for that is “bittersweet.”

The boys have greatly enjoyed their week. Dayton has been attending the YMCA Day Camp and loving it. He is NOT a morning person (like his dad and mom) and he had a rough time the past two mornings but we managed to get him to his program (we won’t disclose what methods were employed!). Today, we let him sleep longer and skip breakfast and he still barely made it. Beth dropped him off and said it looked like there were a lot of other kids there that looked like zombies too. We noted a few of his friends didn’t even go today because they were too tired. We are at over 8,000 feet here though and that has had an effect as well as the later than usual bedtimes.

Cameron has been having a blast hanging out with the teenagers. It may have been the best week of his teenage years. Neither of the boys will attend another of these as a child, if ever. So, there really is nothing to compare such a week for them. Today, Cameron and the other teens went white-water rafting! None of us have ever done that. He also enjoyed zip lining and horse riding and I don’t really know what all else. We basically only saw him get out of bed and come in around 10:30 to 11:00 at night after we’d already turned out the lights! We’ve rarely seen him in-between.

Here are few pics I took today. You may not know who the people are here but they’re all very special. The view of the mountains is what I could see from where we sat in the morning meetings today. The little wooden statue was a special gift from our Latino brethren to Camino Global. It is made out of a coffee tree trunk, and as you can see, it pictures a humble coffee grower. It was made in Costa Rica which was the original field of ministry for Central America Mission back in 1891. The mission has gone from initially reaching into coffee-growing Costa Rica to now developing a coffee enterprise to fund missions ministry via Honduran coffee and the ministry called Hope Coffee.

The little people in these pics are so cute!


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