Hebrews 12:12 and weak knees

No need to look this up, the verse is here:

Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees.

Not much to report on the blog lately.  For once, that’s not because we’ve been too busy.  It has actually been a little quiet here.  We did attend and participate in a wedding last weekend.  No one was able to come for house church last Sunday so we enjoyed a quiet Sunday at home.  Cameron was ill with stomach problems pretty much all week.

Plans to begin community center programs this past week fell through as our co-worker found himself in the middle of visa issues which precluded him from beginning anything there (i.e. due to legalities and time/logistics).

This turned out for the best though.  As the week began it became clear that whatever knee issue I’ve been experiencing has gotten worse.  By Tuesday we decided to set up an appointment with the orthopedic doctor here in town.  I spent most of the week trying to stay off of it.  Wednesday I barely spent much time out of bed.  On Thursday, I felt better (having spent Wednesday off of it!), and I did manage to scrape and paint our bathroom ceiling, which I figured I’d better do now in case I end up having a prolonged knee issue (i.e. surgery and recovery) and wouldn’t be able to get to this long overdue project.

Thursday evening the doctor gave me a fairly quick examination and said there is scar tissue in both knees (news to me), but that this is not uncommon for most people.  The right knee (which is the current problem) appears to be worse in that point than the left knee.  However, the left knee also hurts at times and does give some popping noise.  The right knee pops a lot and after the examination, it has pretty much hurt nonstop.  He was fairly gentle with it, but when he doubled up my knee, that is when it really hurt and I wouldn’t be surprised if he made the injury worse at that moment.  His examination revealed evidence/suspicion of a tear of the meniscus.  He sent me for blood work and an MRI.

Yesterday morning (after a 12+ hour fast), I gave enough blood to satisfy a vampire.  (I usually fast quite regularly between meals and snacks, but I rarely go 12 hours. haha).   The doctor is checking mostly for uric acid in the blood (so he said).

The MRI was in Querétaro this morning (amazing how fast all these appointments have fallen into place).  It was about as fun as you can imagine, but other than the relief of surviving it without moving (to my knowledge), it is a good feeling now to have the MRI and the blood tests done.  I need to pick up the blood results on Monday and the MRI interpretation will be emailed to us on Tuesday (they gave us the prints before we left).

So, we don’t have a final confirmation of the diagnosis, and there could even be more than one issue.  We’ll see.  Hopefully, I can get back in to the doctor next week to have him review the tests and decide what to do from that point.  Perhaps, the injury will not require surgery and that would be a welcome decision.

So far the expenses have been reasonable…the doctor visit $500 pesos, blood work $560 pesos, MRI $2560 pesos.  In dollars that is about $280.  Of course, it’s out of pocket and if surgery is needed, we’ll have a lot more expenses shortly.

As always, we appreciate your prayers for healing, pain management, for financial provision, and that we’ll be able to continue our various ministry plans without interruption. 

Our co-worker still was unable to get his family’s visas from the government as there was an unexpected step or delay in the process.  I’m not sure what the plan will be for next week.  If I stay off the knee more, that’s probably not a bad idea anyway.  I have some polyurethane and sand paper for a bathroom door and cabinet project.  Probably get to that before I see the doctor next week (and before he tells me not to do stuff like that!  Shouldn’t be too rigorous.)  🙂

Pray for their visas to come through soon!

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