First Post-Surgery Follow-Up Visit

All went well this evening with the first visit with the doctor since leaving the hospital last night.  He removed the bulky bandaging, replaced it with some gauze pieces, some rectangular, clear tape, and a Velcro flexible brace.

The doctor said it looked fine and all was well.  He gave me some special medicine to prevent deep vein thrombosis and gave me some simple exercises to do to prevent atrophy in the knee, not really for strengthening it.  However, I can walk and drive and do just about any normal thing.  It hurts all the time in various places around the knee so I won’t be tempted to overdo anything I’m sure.

Thanks again for your prayers and may God provide continued recovery and improvement with both the pain level and the function of the knee.  I am not taking pain medications so we’ll see how sleeping goes.  I had some trouble finding a comfortable position last night and eventually the couch seemed best.  (yeah, yeah, I knew you’d say I should be used to sleeping on the couch!)

Here’s a pic of the knee 24 hours after surgery:

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