Post Knee Surgery

Yesterday’s knee surgery is now happily a memory.  I wasn’t looking forward to it if you couldn’t tell.

We’re thankful for our T2 team which helped us out.  Our team leader, Brock, came and sat with Bethie and me through the prep, and with Bethie thruogh the long wait while I was taken into the clean but relatively spartan operating room for a few hours.  He stayed with us all the way to my release (we arrived at 1 p.m. and checked out at 10 p.m.).  He also went and picked up a couple of pizzas as we were all hungry (I had not eaten since 7 a.m.).  Our San Juan teammates, Tim and Michelle, made us chicken soup which is on the menu today (ok…Michelle made it, Tim brought it over to the hospital as we were checking out so we could take it home with us).

The doctor removed about 7 to 8% of the meniscus which had pulled away from the rest of the meniscus (although still attached at the ends).  He saved that piece for me (see photo below for the TMI portion of this post!).  The doctor also scraped out the scar tissue that was under the patella and reshaped/reformed something but I’m not quite sure what.

The best news was he said I could leave without the need for crutches and that it would not hurt.  He was correct in not needing crutches, although there is some pain (some feels like bruising and some feels like burning) and I’m hobbling rather than walking.  I also have some soreness a little below where they injected my spinal cord about 5 or 6 times with anesthetic.  The prep nurse did a good job of putting in the IV line without needing to do it multiple times on both arms.  Later, Brock asked me how many attempts did it take her to get the IV line in and I replied, “One…and a half.”  I wasn’t sure but I think she did reposition it once.  Regardless, I was pleased with that pleasant surprise.

I return to the doctor today at 6 p.m. to take the bandaging off (see photo below) and to show me how to wear the Velcro brace.  I’m hoping that the pain/burning does not represent any complication or infection.

He did say I could resume my professional soccer career in about 6 weeks!  Yeah!  I’ve always wanted to be a professional athlete so this was also a nice surprise.  (haha)

Thanks to all who prayed.  It went pretty well.  Was quite an adventure.  I would appreciate continued prayer for the recovery, especially that the pain subsides and that there is no infection.  It hurts a lot more now than it did before the surgery, but perhaps in a few days this will improve.  The doctor was so confident that I would be pain-free that he did not prescribe any pain medication, so I’m grinning and bearing it for now.

Bethie is confident that she has a bone spur in her foot and is following some home remedy advice that will take a couple weeks to resolve it.  She is using a glass Coke bottle and a glass IBC root beer bottle to break up the calcium deposit.  It’s painful but really is the best thing to try without seeing my ortho doctor who is known for simply prescribing shoe inserts for cushioning.  Brock was the one to tell us about this home remedy as he went through this himself not too long ago.  Her symptoms and experiences with the spur moving around is exactly what he remembers experiencing.  It takes a team!  Feel free to add this prayer request to my recovery as well.  Thanks!

OK that’s more than enough information…now for the 2 pics that should get us all the way into the TMI (“too much information”) category!


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