Baches y Más (Pot Holes and More)

This has not been an exceptional rainy season at all, but it doesn’t take much to cause the roads here to open up into pot holes.  That’s a nicer term than they deserve.  Moses would have been proud of how many idolaters could have been swallowed up by some of the baches I’ve seen (and a few I didn’t see) around town lately.

Today after church and lunch, I took Jason and Kristin home.  Jason told me that the news reports that Mexico City streets have 100,000 baches.  That’s ridiculous, of course.  I think our little San Juan del Rio has that many baches.  Mexico City must have millions of them.  Of course, some of these you drive around, some you hit because you can’t drive anywhere but through them, and others, you check your map and GPS and try to figure out how to find a route around the big ones (not really, but almost).

This should include the one in which a bus discovered last week and couldn’t get out of it!  I drive right by there several times a week and I can tell you, you wouldn’t want to fall into it at this point.  You might not survive (really!).

I took a few shots of interesting scenes on the drive home from the community center yesterday.  The drivers keep getting worse and worse.  We notice more and more cars from other states, especially the Mexico City area.  They bring their city driving here…Mexico City driving.  Crazy.  One guy ran me out of my lane yesterday, but for good reason.  He wanted the spot in front of me that wasn’t there.  Just moments after I slammed on the brakes so as to not spend a few hours dealing with the damage to our vehicles (which I barely avoided), I noticed in my mirror another driver doing the same maneuver about half a block behind me.  I also noticed he quickly jumped out of his car and headed to the rear.  Yup, he’d squeezed into a spot that wasn’t there, the 50 year old Datsun wagon behind him couldn’t stop in time to let him in and popped him one in the rear end.  The lane-cutter deserved it!  Glad it wasn’t me though.

You see all kinds of stuff when you drive here.  I’ve shown pics of things before.  Here are two from yesterday…

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