Good News from the Doc!

Beth and I went over for our appointment with the ortho doctor.  He checked my knee out thoroughly and explained what the situation is with the pain.  Overall, it’s good news.  The big part of that news is that he just doesn’t see any need for surgery, now or down the road.  I do have some cartilage damage from the fall after the surgery, but he thinks it’s going to be OK eventually.  I just need to be diligent with some home exercise therapy and take it easy.  It doesn’t look like I can walk downtown yet (which I’ve done but with a lot of pain).  I need to maintain the therapy for a month and go back.  If the pain isn’t a lot better by then, he’ll do an injection.  (that doesn’t sound like fun)

He examined Beth’s foot again and she got some good guidance on what to do and not do and an order for some replacement meds (the last batch made her too sleepy to function so she didn’t take it much).   Interestingly, the main pharmacy didn’t have it in stock for $1000 pesos.  We found a generic pharmacy a bit further down the road that had it for $80 pesos.  That’s the difference between paying nearly $80 and paying less than $6.50.  Wow!  Glad the first place didn’t have it!  The pharmacist had told us that there is no generic for it.  Uh-huh.

Beth will need some PT with our friendly PT guys.  They’ll do some ultrasound and laser treatment on her foot (plantar fasciitis).  Hopefully, that will really help.  If not, the doctor will do an injection in her foot which he says will hurt like the dickens…or maybe it was chickens.  I’m not sure…his English is limited.

All-in-all, it was an encouraging evening at the doctor’s office and we’re glad to report we may not be crippled for life! (just a few months more maybe)  🙂

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What’s up? or rather, ¿Qué pasa? Hola, I’m Alan. I’m a missionary living in Mexico. We have a heart for MK Education and so we teach at a local Christian school with MK students as well as nationals and foreign students as well. I occasionally write or have a pic to share with you at my blog, Knowing Your ABCDs, which you can read with a click on the button above. You can read my blog with a click on the button above.
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  1. Aubrey says:

    Glad to hear things are on the mend! hey, for what it is worth, I worked for a podiatrist before going to Mexico. Have you tried a simple shoe insert? We buy ours at Walmart. Dr. Schol’s, blue, not the entire foot, just up to the ball of the foot. The added arch support helps relieve the pain on the stretched tendon. If you can’t find any, you can also tape your foot, it is kind of a sticky mess, but has the same effect. Our doc usually prescribed celebrex (anti-inflamatory), taping for a week, and stretches of the foot and leg. If things were better, he would recommend Dr. Schol’s or a custom made orthotic depending on if insurance covered the over cost orthotic or not. Oh, and try stretching before standing to warm up you muscles and tendons. Hope that helps. A number of people in my family have plantar fasciitis. Once you learn how to treat your feet, they get happy and stop hurting!


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