A Little Blogged Down

Wow…I’ve been meaning to post something…anything…for a couple of weeks now, but inspiration was lacking and when nothing terribly important seems to be happening, it’s tough to come up with something worth posting.

I haven’t come up with it yet, but that won’t stop me from trying.

Last Saturday, we helped all day at the community center with a “Bazar.”  We donated a lot of stuff and helped man the tables for those who came and shopped.  I didn’t think to take a photo of the mounds and mounds of items.  About half of it sold and it raised about $300 for the outreach.  That is a huge blessing and the money will be put to good use very soon.

One very interesting thing happened when one of the kids who came for the kids’ activities late in the afternoon was having a birthday.  His family apparently doesn’t know many people in the area and wanted to have a little party for him.  Since there were all these kids there at the center, they asked Tim O’Brien (the director and our co-worker) if they could bring in a couple of piñatas and have a little party right then and there!  What a neat thing.  So, there was a party.  We had to go a bit earlier than that as we were hosting a birthday party the next day (last Sunday) for Luis David and needed to get home to prepare for that.

Here are some pics I took from both parties.  I didn’t know any of those people who came for the community center impromptu party so I was just holding the camera down and taking some pics of the group of adults without looking like a was taking their photo.  I didn’t feel comfortable taking their picture so that’s why the frame looks crooked!

Oh and our dog, Peanut, was briefly put on “sleep row” because she chased a squirrel onto a neighbors car…scratching the hood and fenders and bumper and even biting the bumper trying to get to the squirrel!  We had to pay nearly $300 in repairs!  We’ve decided to give her a reprieve but she’s not allowed out without very close supervision, which means she’s lucky to get out once a day.  If she does anything like that again, we’ll have to put her down.  She’s bitten a few people in the past but generally is pretty docile.  She’s just a bit skittish and can nip at people that irritate her.  I have the same problem.  I’ve been pardoned for now.  🙂


ImageDarn Dog!



Luis David turned 3 years old


The traditional “MORDIDA” (“little bite” or more like a “face plant” into the cake)

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