“All I want for Christmas is my two front…”

(you know the next word, right?)  We’re not saying that word because we just took the boys to the dentist for their bi-annual checkup.  When I say “bi-annual” I don’t mean every 6 months…I mean…every 2nd year!  Oops!  It got away from us obviously.

The good news is that even with the lack of dental visits, only Dayton had a very small cavity which the dentist cleaned right up and put some sort of hardening/smoothing substance on the molar and all is well.  Cameron had NO cavities!

OK, so that was the good news.

Yes, there is other news.

Cameron had so much tarter build-up that the dentist said it would take 2 visits to clean them all up.  Also, his gums are not in good shape so we’re re-emphasizing floss and proper brushing technique, and he’s needing to use a special mouth rinse that will help his gums with the inflammation and irritation.

Unfortunately, that is the better of the “other news.”  Cameron also has his four wisdom teeth forming, clearly visible on an x-ray but the roots are not yet well-formed.  In about 6 months, he’ll likely need at least the bottom two extracted (they’re obviously coming in at an inward angle that will collide with his current molars) and the top two might have to be extracted as well (the inward angle is not as prominent but they may have to go too).

And…well…there is still OTHER news.  Dayton’s canine teeth never came in when they should have so his current teeth have enjoyed the extra space.  However, now the canines are coming in and there is no room for them.  In order to make room for them and not have them jutting out over the top of the other teeth, he’ll need braces.  The dentist said she would wait until January to get us started down that path so that he could enjoy the holiday eating.  I don’t think he yet has any idea what is ahead of him.  I’m not sure I do either, I never wore braces.  I do know that they aren’t inexpensive, but fortunately, it’s only money, right?!

The dentist will give us an orthodontist recommendation at our next visit in about 2 weeks.  I’ve come across two recommendations of orthodontists right here in San Juan which we’ll probably insist on using because the drive to Querétaro would NOT be a good thing to have to do repetitively given it’s about 70-80 miles round-trip every time.  That’s about $15 in gas alone.

We’ll try one here in SJR.  One of the ones recommended, we can even walk to and our landlord whose daughter uses her, says it was only about $80 (USD) up front and a monthly payment of about $40 for everything (indefinitely, until end of treatment).  That might be the way to do it.  We don’t plan to be out of the country for much time over the course of the next few years so this is a good time to do this as far as we can tell.  Whether the work is good or not, that’s a different concern but at least they’ve been using this one for some time now so they don’t seem to be alarmed by anything yet.

Funny thing about “wisdom teeth.”  In Spanish, they’re called “muelas de juicio.”  Obviously, “muelas” are “molars” but “juicio” can mean “judgment” but also “reason.”  Yes,  as far as teeth are concerned around here, “judgment” does appear to be coming…it stands to reason.


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