You Can Help Us…Drink Coffee!

I know a lot of you drink coffee just like I do. It’s not an addiction. I can quit any time. Just don’t take it away from me…ever! haha!

Seriously, there is a practical ministry within Camino Global that you should know about. It’s called Hope Coffee.

Hope Coffee is better explained by the video below, but in short, it’s Honduran grown coffee, distributed via Hope Coffee in the USA, and profits are used to support evangelistic projects (outreach to families…housing, roofing, etc.) that has been used to reach many Hondurans with the Gospel in word and deed.

How does this help us in Mexico? Your orders of Hope Coffee submitted with a mention of my name as a Camino Global missionary will divert a small percentage (I believe it is 6%) of those sales revenues being allocated to our Camino Global work account. Thus, if you purchase and drink Hope Coffee (and you drink coffee, don’t you?), you can be supporting an evangelistic outreach in Honduras and also our ministry in Mexico. How simple is that?!?

As we look ahead in 2013, we know that most everyone is concerned about the economy and the future of life as we know it. We’re concerned about these things too. We also know that the future of missions and funding the needs of missions outreach is a very real and practical concern. Support is difficult during difficult times. Hope Coffee provides us with a great way to piece together part of the solution to raising and maintaining financial support through these challenging times. We hope you’ll seriously consider trying Hope Coffee and making it a regular part of your coffee experience. After all, while you may be cutting back on a lot of things (as we are too), coffee is probably not at the top of the list.

Supporting God’s work in Latin America through drinking coffee is a great way to economize a personal habit for the Kingdom! Getting your church to use Hope Coffee is another great idea and can provide even more support for what God is doing “south of the border.”

Contact me if you’d like more information…or follow the link accompanying the video below. THANKS!

Watch this…

Join the Movement – Become a HOPE Partner – HOPE Coffee from HOPE Coffee on Vimeo.


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