MKs = TCKs and Home Sweet Home

MKs = Missionary Kids

TCKs = Third Culture Kids

Usually, MKs=TCKs

The converse is not necessarily true. Not every TCK is an MK. Sometimes TCKs are kids of expatriate business people, military kids, etc. You won’t find this equation in an Algebra textbook, but it’s a fact nonetheless.

This summer (July 3-6), Cameron (who will be 15!) has been invited to attend a special MK Retreat for MK teens from our mission. It is planned to be held in early July outside of Dallas, TX. Cameron is planning on attending. The main focus is this theme of TCKs and MKs and how to survive, thrive and live having a mind and heart that has been irreparably changed by having grown up in a foreign culture, and whose “home” culture is to varying degrees a foreign culture too.

Beth has been asked to provide a workshop on the topic of career planning at this event so she will also be attending for a couple of hours. We’re looking forward to being a part of this event. The tentative cost for Cameron’s attendance is around $350. If anyone would like to help him/us with this cost, we’d love to hear from you! (please don’t send anything just yet; the plans are still tentative as far as I last heard) This event will likely be a highlight of his teen years and will be a big help for him as he grows into a young man and develops and matures as a believer, an MK, and a TCK.

I don’t know the young person who made the following video, but most MKs can relate to the difficulty in answering the question, “So Where’s Home?” The young people interviewed in the video are TCKs. They may not be MKs nor even Christians. However, they express a familiar refrain among MKs. Home is where family is. Home is wherever we are living. Home is more or less a feeling and not a place.

I do think MKs have a greater opportunity to see “home” as a heavenly concept which I think is a healthier view of “home” than most believers may possess. Why should we consider living in a small regional area near, in a particular building, near to our physical kin as a genuine home, when our eternal home is so much more important, so much more real, so much closer to our true kin? Heaven is our home. Here on earth, we only have a faint and imperfect copy of that real home. May we love our eternal home and He who makes it our home more than any other place and any other love.

This reminds me of a song I heard in Zimbabwe over 20 years ago by a group of young men who called themselves “The Devil Disturbers.” (!) The song went like this: “This world is not our home. We need a better place.” Oh that is so true, and don’t we have one? By the grace of God, I know that I do and you probably do too.

Ahhh…home sweet home. (and no, it’s not Alabama…sorry Alabama friends!) I know there is a real, eternal home being prepared for me, and that I have a Love who will return for me and take me to that home. If you know Him, He’ll return and take you there too. Until then, we’ll just have to make the best of it! He did leave us a Comforter who will helps us do just that.

This world is truly not our home sweet home. We need a better place. We have a better place.

So Where’s Home? A Film About Third Culture Kid Identity from Adrian Bautista on Vimeo.


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