Fiesta with Family

Two of the “H” boys had birthdays recently complete with a nice little party. Don’t forget our ministry team here with Camino Global is called the 21OHMS. “O” for O’Brien. “H” for Hower. “M” for McManus. “S” for Smith. There are 21 of us.

Anyway, it was a fun afternoon to evening together and the kids had a good time together as always. We missionary parents are so thankful that our team has a lot of kids because that means our kids have a lot of “cousins.” We’re as close to family as one could get and so all the parents are “aunts” and “uncles” to all the kids. That’s the missionary way around the world. I’m “Uncle Alan” to quite a few “nieces” and “nephews.” Beth has an awful lot of “uncles” and “aunts” herself having grown up an MK too. It’s just like family…except without the fighting! haha!

A few pics from the fiesta with family:









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