Convivio (Fellowship Meal)

Yesterday, the house church enjoyed a special time of fellowship. We were asked by several of our members to plan a Sunday when we could enjoy a meal together and the guys could play a bit of soccer afterward and just enjoy the fellowship together.

Of course, we normally would do this from time-to-time, but so far this year, attendance has been sporadic so planning on having a group that might not even show up is something we haven’t really wanted to do.

So, we gave a couple of dates as possibilities and everyone checked their calendars and decided on March 10th. Last Monday, Emmanuel said that Jason would have to work Saturday night from 7pm to 7am, but he’d get a couple hours sleep and come anyway. Kristin texted Beth on Saturday evening and said Emmanuel would have to work on Sunday and neither he nor Mari Cruz would be coming. This made us wonder if Jason and Kristin would come or not. If Kristin doesn’t come, Jenny usually doesn’t come. Fernando and Alejandra (Mari Cruz’s sister) were also in on the original idea but have since moved back to their home state.

We wondered if anyone would come.

I’m glad to say that we were surprised when we saw Emmanuel and Mari Cruz (and little Luis David) at our door before anyone else arrived. He had worked on Saturday but he was not working this day. Mari Cruz had switched off her one day off from work (Monday) in order to come too. Jason did come with a bright smile and more energy than I would have had on a couple hours’ sleep along with Kristin and Justin. Jenny came with two of her kids. Ariel and Antonia didn’t come so we were missing that family of five.

Nonetheless, we actually had a pretty full group and a good study of some basic salvation doctrines, Michelle taught the little kids this week (Bethie usually does this so had a week off), and then a delicious lunch together. The guys eventually played soccer, although I couldn’t get out there with a bum knee and neither of our boys will even try to play it. They’re not really into sports.

It was rather warm in the morning and I hesitated to even make coffee; inexplicably, I went ahead and made extra (20 cups). By mealtime, it was all gone. Nothing like some java to make our Jesus time a little more tasty. I suspect your church does that too.






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