Mario Brothers

Ha-ha…no, this isn’t Nintendo.

Mario has been my best and favorite English student I’ve had here. He’s serious about learning English and improving his skills, he comes ready to learn and practice…he brings his “A” game every class. Love it. He’s a great guy and I’m sorry that he’ll be leaving for Guadalajara in a few days.

I gave him a ride to a friend’s house after class where he needed to scan some documents for his new job. On the way, we stopped at his parents’ house. I’d never been there before. His father Mario was probably our 2nd best student ever! A missionary co-worker used to visit their home and teach them some English in the evenings. I greatly enjoyed meeting his mother Pilar (“Pili”) and seeing his dad, Mario, once again.

Mario the dad is having some significant health issues and I sincerely offered to take them to the hospital for the operation whenever that may be. It could be next week. They are running some other tests and need to be given a date for the procedure. He has lost a bit of weight and didn’t look too good but we shared smiles and laughter. Pili has a wonderful laugh as well. We talked for about 20 minutes, and it was refreshing to meet them and to make a new connection with the parents.

Mario and I didn’t have a lot of time together tonight after class, but he did tell me that he was wanting to ask me about “my religion” and was thinking he would have wanted to come check out our Sunday morning house church. I was so thrilled to hear that. I left him with an “ABC de La Vida” (ABCs of Life) tract. That’s the best I could do for now. I may see him Saturday during my afternoon class. He said we’d have to get together when he comes back to San Juan to visit his parents. He thinks he’ll be back within a month since his dad should be having a surgery shortly. I told him we’ll have to visit him in Guadalajara when he gets settled.

Please pray for Mario and his parents. They seem to be open to friendship and even to hearing the Gospel. I really don’t know what their background is, but they’re surprisingly happy people and it would be a joy to see them understand how to have an eternal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and to make that decision.

This is our serious Mexican men photo.

This is our normal look. 🙂


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