Love Me Some Pi

Thursday was March 14 (3/14) which when written as 3.14 means it’s Pi Day! I think most everyone is familiar with this idea by now as it seems to have spread in popularity over the past decade or so in schools all ’round.

Beth led a math-themed co-op with the MKs from our team. (We invited several other families, but they were unable to come.) The kids learned a little bit about Pi, measured round things, and tried to use Pi to make some circumference calculations of those things. Of course, when you’re dealing with students in a range of ages from 14 down to about 5, that does create some challenges and a few limitations. “Multiply? What’s that?” (those sort of challenges)

There was a sailboat building activity (pictures below). I have no idea what that was about as I was busy with other things and just came in and snapped pictures. I’m guessing the boats relate to Pi Day because they’re made with round things (cups, straws, lined paper with round holes, tiny rocks, and other materials found ’round here).

After all the activities, we all made our own round(ish) pizzas and ate various dessert pies…yes…the real reason we celebrate Pi Day! (I didn’t manage to take pics of the food…I was too busy analyzing their flavors to remember the camera.)

As I’m sure you already know, “I get my large circumference from too much pi.”










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