Beth’s Famous Sister

Actually, all Beth’s sisters are famous…both of them.

One (Kim) is famous for having 9 kids and after 18+ years, all 9 are still alive. That’s pretty good in my estimation given all the broken arms and legs and cuts and Lyme disease and trampoline time and crazy stunts on wheels and off wheels and on skis and well…put simply, they like to live with some excitement and they never have to wear name tags at the local ER. I think the ER doctors send them birthday cards and pictures of their boat outings and island vacations. After all, the family is paying for those. I’m sure there are many other reasons why she’s famous too, but that’s the first reason that pops into my mind.

Beth’s other sister really is famous or about to be. That’s because she was selected to participate in a regional episode of a national program called “Listen To Your Mother.” If you’ve never heard of that show and are wondering what it’s about, you’d be just like me! So, here’s a link:

That show has a regional website too and on that website for Kris’ region, NWI (Northwest Indiana), there is a bio intro to Kris. You should read that here:

So, Kris Livovich (Beth’s other famous sister) is one of the selected participants to share her story (or stories) with the world on this program. How cool is that? She’s a great story-teller. She might even tell the truth. We usually don’t require it for her stories…especially her stories about her family who are mostly a bunch of cracked-pots. We don’t really want people to know the truth about that. Of course, that’s because when it comes to our family…”you can’t handle the truth!” (and neither can we!) 😀

Perhaps being famous isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I guess when Kris gets her chance to tell her stories, we’ll find out whether she chooses to tell the truth or not…and whether we’ll let her live or not. In this case, the truth will NOT set you free, Kris: *HINT* *HINT*.

Seriously, check out the links above and tune into the show. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun, and we’ll all learn a lot about Kris and her mother. The rest of the family probably will be spared from being involved in the stories. At least, I’m confident that I have nothing to worry about. Bethie on the other hand….


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1 Response to Beth’s Famous Sister

  1. krislivo1 says:

    famous… ha! Just proves that I’m special and unique… just like everybody else! Thanks, Alan! My story story is more about my experience as a mother. And the undead. There’s only so much you can say in 4-6 miinutes. I would need a year’s worth of shows to talk about what a great Mom I have! And I promise not to include you in my stories, at least until the Listen To Your Brother-In-Law show starts up next month, then watch out world!


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