The local news says there was a “flamazo” at the rotisserie chicken stand at the entrance to our local market.  I don’t recall ever using that word before but I presume it has something to do with “flame” and usually an “azo” is something to the extreme or out of control.  Funny thing…I was standing in front of this very “chickenazo” the day before this happened and marveled at the quantity of grease that was apparent.

One worker had a minor injury…from the looks of the chicken they sell there…that injury probably doesn’t compare to all the suffering of their customers over the years.  🙂  (BTW, I was standing in front of this stand when I took the pictures of the knife sharpening man in a recent post.  Also, we’ve never bought chicken from this stand before…we’ve never even been TEMPTED to buy chicken from this stand before.  Today, they’re running a sale on extra crunchy chicken…hmmmm.)


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