Some scenes from our closest Mexican touristy town, Tequisquiapan.  It’s a lovely, manicured little pueblo.  Of course, we shopped for some gifts and enjoyed a few treats.  If you come visit us, you’ll probably get to see this first-hand.  BTW, it’s pronounced “Tay-Keys-Key-Ah-Pahn.”

1-IMG_2958 1-IMG_2962 2-IMG_2955 2-IMG_2966 3-IMG_2956 3-IMG_2974 4-IMG_2953 5-IMG_2969 6-IMG_2968 7-IMG_2957

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3 Responses to Tequisquiapan

  1. krislivo says:

    All these posts are making us waaaay jealous.


  2. Jon Dewald says:

    I LOVE the shot down the veranda! jd


  3. alanbeth says:

    It’s a really neat town. We’ve been there so many times (it’s about 25 min drive) that we don’t always appreciate what we see there, but it really is a beautiful place. I think there may be a little more to see in this town but the streets are a little confusing with winding one-way streets and we typically don’t have time to take it all in and then drive around and getting lost, etc.


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