I Pledge My Head to Heaven

Something I’ve always wanted the opportunity to do has been to visit the grave site of Keith Green outside of Lindale, TX.  Yesterday, I had that opportunity as it was just a few miles out of my route to make a day visit to the camp where Cameron and Bethie are staying until Sunday.

The cemetery is small.  The grave where Keith and two of his children are buried is unassuming, and of course, is not where they really are.  But the memories of my youth and those years of continually listening to the unique and powerful music of this young man who seemed like a giant in the mind of a teenager struggling to understand the walk of Christ have left an indelible mark in both my mind and soul.  That mark is still there although perhaps a bit faded from all these years gone by.  But like an old grave marker, I can still touch and trace the imprints of meaning and reflect on the journey of following Jesus that has captivated me for decades now.

No, I don’t want to go back to Egypt.  And I do pledge my head, my wife, and my sons to heaven.  Thank God for the testimony of the prodigal young man He sought after and brought to Himself and caused to become a lasting monument of grace by which he stood and of a life changed by the love of His Savior, a Redeemer, God’s own Son…my Savior and my Redeemer too.

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