Airport Run

Yesterday, we were about to head out to do some shopping for stuff on our lists of things we need when a fellow Camino missionary knocked on our door in need of a ride to the airport.  We decided that was more important so we all went to DFW for the drop-off and then to look for some stores on the way back.

This worked out well because near the airport are some Indian stores that have wonderful selections of tea which we drink every day in Mexico.  So, we purchased some teas at lower prices than we can find anywhere else, and we visited their little diner which made us some excellent Indian food.  It was the first time ever eating real Indian food…at least I think it was “real Indian food”…a “real Indian” cooked it for us.  Some sort of curry and samozas and something else that was like a crispy, pastry (not sweet) filled with sour cream and I’m not really sure what, but they were quite tasty.  The curry was very delicious.  I’ve only had Thai curry and did not care for it.  This was so good we were practically licking the bowl.

In the Indian supermarket some drinks in the cooler caught my attention.  We didn’t try these:


After the Indian tea and food excursion, we found ourselves in heavy traffic trying to navigate the Interstate highway system in downtown Dallas.  I made a quick decision to just get off the highway and use our GPS to find our way back.  My experience of relying on our GPS for actually getting us somewhere is rather hit-or-miss but it actually turned out well.  We found ourselves at the Volunteer Center (they have a non-profit store for non-profits, including approved mission agencies) that we already visited in early July and didn’t figure we’d make it back there as yesterday was the last date they’d be open while we’re here.  We didn’t think we’d find much but we sure did come up with some excellent buys and now we have winter coats!  We haven’t had any winter coats for over 10 years as we haven’t needed them!

This December we are probably going to drive up to the USA once again as we’ll need to nationalize our vehicle at the border, but due to legalities, we can’t that do on this trip.  We’ve been discussing the idea of driving up in caravan with our teammates who are heading up for family reunions in late December to early January.  Our strongest option for where to go for the holidays has been to visit Beth’s sister near Chicago…and thus, the winter coats might just come to good use!  We found really nice, new, with-tags coats for both boys and me for a total of $47.  I found the same coats online for a total of over $200 (retail prices for about $350).  Good find.

Hopefully, we’ll need them and can get a return on our investment by using them this winter.  The Lord has a way of providing for such things and this looks like another example of just how He does it.


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