After 22 years of marriage, we still have that spark!

We celebrated 22 years of blissful marital struggles and blessings.  (I think that’s a fair enough description to keep it real, no?)  🙂

We’re still a bit road weary after 32 days of driving and sleeping in other beds and trying to work out that crick in my neck, etc.  So, we slept in.  Bethie made lasagna for a late afternoon lunch as well as some homemade key lime cheesecake.  Our first date was at an Olive Garden 24 years ago, and exactly one year later, we dined at the same Olive Garden and I proposed after dessert.  Yes, it could get sweeter!

Later in the evening a storm rolled over and lightning began striking with unusual regularity.  We were reaching to unplug things around the house when *CRAAACK*…a bright light shone around us and a messenger from the Lord came and went in an instant.  OK…it wasn’t an angelic messenger, but nature can speak too.  Wow!

We didn’t know it for well over an hour but the cupola on top of the house was structurally destroyed.  It will have to be torn out and rebuilt.  The electricity to the house is goofy. The telephone line doesn’t appear to be working although we have DSL Internet working through that line.  One set of phones appears to be finished.  Plugging things in created havoc last night.  One circuit breaker caused sparking when I reset it.  Since then, I’ve turned it on and things seem to be working rather well.  We’re not really sure what is working and what isn’t.

I had planned a few music videos to lead our music worship this morning but it isn’t clear if we’ll have enough juice to run the projector.  It wasn’t looking like it but now I’m thinking I might plug into the new battery backup-AVR that we just purchased in Dallas and see if it gives us something to work with, without blowing up the projector.

Here are some inside and outside pics.  I took a video on the roof top this morning.  I’ll get that uploaded (barring interruptions to Internet and power) and post it later today if I can.

Thank God that no one was upstairs in the apartment of Beth’s mother.  She was away at a young couples meeting that sometimes is held upstairs there.  There were chunks of bricks and glass spread all over that large room and no doubt people would have been injured, not to mention the noise was so loud that it could have damaged ear drums.  There is a stationary LP tank on the roof about 30 feet away.  Praise God that wasn’t struck!  I said, “Can you imagine had that been struck?!” and Cameron replied, “I don’t want to imagine!”  Me either.

1-IMG_2726 2-IMG_2727 3-IMG_2731 4-IMG_2732 5-IMG_2733 6-IMG_2734 7-IMG_2735


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1 Response to After 22 years of marriage, we still have that spark!

  1. bajio73 says:

    Were you being that bad that God had to strike your house with lightning?!? 🙂 Glad you guys are okay and that the damage wasn’t worse. – Bryan


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