Noah=Noé=NO WAY!

It’s a rare thing for a missionary or pastor to say he was glad that people didn’t show up for church on a Sunday morning.  Well, today may have been a first!  I better explain!

We have four families who normally come, although one of those has not been very consistent.  Of the other three who have been coming faithfully, two of them “called in sick” today.  So, we only had Lupe and Rocío with their infant and two little boys.

This was perfect because it’s only their second week to come, and yesterday Beth went over and had a nice long conversation with Rocío.  During that conversation, she asked Beth if we could have a separate Bible study with them, instead of joining in the study we have with Emmanuel and Maricruz.  This is a great idea.  I had been hoping that they’d be open to that very idea as we really need to back up and study at a more basic level with them.

So today, we were able to kick off a new study just with them instead having of our normal Sunday morning study.  Since it was just them attending today, we decided to start with the short kids’ lesson and have us all join in for that too.

Have you ever taught a “famous” Bible story, like that of Noah’s Ark, to children (and/or adults!) who have never heard that story before?  Just yesterday, Rocío told Beth that she just began reading the Bible for the first time last week.  She didn’t know where to start, so she just began reading Genesis.  She was amazed at what she read and was surprised at so many details of the story of Creation and of Noah that she never knew before.

Ironically, their 2nd son is 2 years old and his name is Noah, except in Spanish it’s Noé (pronounced “No Way”…hence the pun in the subject line for this post).

After the pop-up book and picture book lesson on Noah’s Ark, Cameron and Dayton played with Noé and big brother, Alfredo while Bethie and I began teaching lesson 1 of “God’s Message for Man.”  It’s a short Bible study with only 5 lessons of 1 to 2 pages each.  We managed to stretch it to a much longer study today because every line of the study begat important questions that we never would have thought to include.  Excellent questions like:

  • What are the names of the two main divisions of the Bible?
  • What do the numbers mean in the reference John 14:6?  What about when there’s a hyphen in the middle of the numbers, as in Ephesians 2:8-9? (I almost chuckled as we turned to various references; they kept referring to them as “the big number 14 and the little number 6.”)
  • I have a Bible that doesn’t use the same words as yours…how can that be possible? (a question which begat even more questions)

And that really is just a sampling of the questions!

So, out of 19 questions in lesson 1, we made it through question number 4!  But we’re off to a great start and looking forward to picking up at question number 5 on Wednesday!

I snapped a couple of pictures during our short study of Noah (Noé) and that big boat with all those animals.  The Bible tells the story from God’s perspective.  I think the eyes in the pics below tell the story from man’s perspective, don’t you?  God’s Word is amazing!  It might even cause one to say, “NO WAY!”

IMG_2772 IMG_2774 IMG_2774-001 IMG_2775 IMG_2775-001 IMG_2776 IMG_2779

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