The Christmas Trip – The Drive

Merry Christmas to all of you.  We’re relaxing with family in Chesterton, IN.  We couldn’t help but remember that the last time we celebrated Christmas here in Chesterton, it was 1998 and we were in a house just a few blocks from here enjoying the holiday with Beth’s parents.  It was her dad’s last Christmas here on this earth and so 15 years later, it has caused us to ponder the years gone by since then and the memories of that blessed time.

If you’re following the itinerary, we drove up to the border last Wednesday.  God gave us a safe drive there and then on to Dallas last Thursday.  We took Friday to rest from the 1,000 mile road trip and to take care of errands.  Saturday and Sunday were driving days and we once again covered 1,000 miles.

There was quite a weather system in the region on Saturday and we managed to miss the worst of it while still running into a good bit of rain, a lot of evidence of flooding, and passing by a number of accidents.  Typical holiday driving it seems.

So, we’re glad to be in Indiana for the week and I think I’ll post some pics and highlights that you might enjoy in coming posts.

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