Still Looking Forward

In my last post, I mentioned my intentions and rationale for pursuing further education via an online MDiv program through Moody Theological Seminary.

Much has happened in this past week and I’ve taken a couple more steps in this direction.  One is I’ve completed and submitted my application as well as the $50 fee.  They will be contacting my three references via email soon.

I’ve had conversations with two of our supporting churches, including our home church.  Mostly those conversations have revolved around the need for assistance with the tuition/book costs.  Our home church will be having a regularly scheduled missions committee meeting in about a week and they intend to discuss the proposal for the Timothy Scholarship which would be a way for at least 2/3 of the tuition to be covered.

Camino Global has approved this course of study for using ministry expense funds toward it should I choose to do that.  At this time, I’m not planning on it as we have more than enough ministry expenses already that we don’t have support to cover.  So, we’re probably not going to look in this direction.  However, if anyone should prefer to provide support for these studies through our normal ministry account, that is now possible.  I don’t think there are any special instructions for doing that.

A search of our library has uncovered a short stack of Greek texts and lexicons which may come in handy for getting a jump on the Greek courses.  I plan to study Basics of Biblical Greek by William Mounce during our summer schedule which is lighter without the homeschooling ministry as well as our own homeschooling.  I want to begin memory work on basic vocabulary.

I need to do more searching for other potential scholarships, but at this point I don’t have any solid leads.  We’re taking a planned week of vacation this coming week so I’ll be setting these things aside for a bit while we relax and enjoy some sun, sand, and water…and hopefully some good fish tacos.  We’re very grateful for an affordable vacation rental that I found online and for some time to just relax as a family.  There is something peaceful that I love about the sound of waves continuously crashing onto shore and rocks.  We should have a nice view of the bay and I’ve read that people often see whales at certain times of year.  It may be too late for that, but we’ll certainly look.  Otherwise, I’ll do my best impression and try not to take a harpoon to the bow.  🙂

I bought Bethie a nice 1500 piece puzzle recently as something she likes to do to relax.  I hope to begin reading an important book with the boys called Preparing Your Son For Every Man’s Battle by Arterburn and Stoeker.  It’s fairly well-known and it’s almost a bit late to read this, but there’s no better time than the present.  We’ll end up continuing this after vacation as part of our devotional times together.  I’m still reading the first half of the book that the dad or single mom is supposed to read first, so I can’t say I even know what we’re going to be reading past a quick scan!

That’s the latest news I’ve got for you concerning the biblical studies idea.

A gal with a really self-inflicted messed up life called in tears a bit ago and within a short time was here sobbing and telling her story to Bethie.  She is the daughter of a woman who is a member of the main Bible church.  We had this gal in the youth group as I recall back when we first started.  She got mixed up with an unsaved guy, had a baby, but the “husband” is a truck driver, takes amphetamines (he says so that he can drive!), and beats her from time to time.  She seemed to want affirmation for leaving and probably for going right back to him.  Bethie didn’t affirm that course of action to her, suggested that she may have to be prepared to stay away from him for quite some time and may never be able to go back, at least not unless he really changes instead of just saying he will and then not changing.  Ultimately, he needs to be saved.  That was the gist of it.  I wasn’t in on the counseling session.

The gal needs to really get her own spiritual life back to where it should be above all else at this point.  Before she left she received a few texts from her “husband” whose words were examples of exactly what Bethie was telling her.  After reading the text messages, she verbally acknowledged that he is using her and not really wanting to change at this point.  Always tough to give good advice in these situations because the situations are so messed up to start with.  There aren’t really any good courses of actions, just some that may be better than others.  Pray for “P” that she’ll have a change of heart and return to the Lord.  She has been wayward for a few years now.



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