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We have two Bible studies on Wednesdays.  One is usually around 5 p.m.  The other is usually at around 11 a.m. or at 4 p.m.  The time changes every week.  That one is always an adventure as we try to study while also managing the three little boys.  I mentioned this family in my last post.

Funny things happen.  Funny things get said.

Toward the end of today’s study on the victorious life and confession/repentance/forgiveness, the word “pride” came up and Rocío quite calmly pointed to her husband and said, “His problem is pride.  He’s very proud.”

Uhhh…what do you say?  Lupe just looked down, and I thought this might not be an edifying or encouraging moment for him to have his beloved wife just diss him in front of us.

So I quickly formulated my Spanish, “And the next worst sin is pointing out the sins of others.”

Her eyes got wide like tortillas…I smiled…she burst out laughing and said, “Yes!  It’s true!  It’s true!” We all laughed.


Pray for them.  Their oldest son is a handful.  The second son is also a handful.  Their third son is not yet a year old.  He’s a handful too!  The oldest son was suspended from elementary school this week for disrespect.  We tried to rally around his parents and added a bit to a lecture while we were leaving about what he needs to do, and on Sunday we want to hear from him that he did it.

There are some other very serious issues which I really can’t share here.  Please pray for them!  And pray for us too…we are going to have to think and pray much about this before we can talk with them.  It would be a serious and difficult talk.  It could be the hardest conversation we’ve ever had with anyone.  Ever.

The baggage of the old life and the sinful nature is especially an issue right now.  Only the Holy Spirit and God’s Word can fix these things.  That’s exactly what our lesson the past two weeks was about.

Oh! and for the first time, we seemed to get across how to identify chapters and verses.  Lupe noted that it seems the columns go down the page and then start again at the top of the next column…and those verse references at the top of the page (which we’ve pointed out every week) seem to correlate to the verses on the page!  Not the fastest pace, but slow and steady may just win the race!

To be fair, he listens to the Bible on a special MP3 player which we gave him last year and which contains the entire Bible hard-saved on it.  He doesn’t navigate books or reading too well, but he did make a bit of progress today!

Thanks for praying with us!


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