Fashion Ninja

This family has never been one to dress fashionably.  That’s not because we’re missionaries.  It’s because we’re ninjas…fashion ninjas.  You’ll never see it coming.  We don’t even see it.  Our fashion is quick, it’s stealthy, and practically no one can see it…except for other fashion ninjas.

It’s primarily why we rarely take family pics and come up with new prayer cards.  The family pic inevitably exudes a lack of fashion sense and just looking at it creates a visual tension most people can’t stand to view.  It doesn’t help us gain and maintain prayer support, so we still use that one pic that worked about 3 years ago when I managed to insist we all wear matching t-shirts.  T-shirts!  Yes, even that is a symptom of this in-bred fashionism.

There’s not much to be done about it.  Apparently, it’s genetic, and apparently, we’re oblivious to it.  (except me, of course!)





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