The Times Were Tough

“Researcher David Barrett reports that by the year 300, or nine generations after Christ, the world was 10.4% Christian with 66.4% of believers Non-whites.  The Scriptures had been translated into ten languages.  More than 410,000, representing one in every 200 believers from the time of Christ, had given their lives as martyrs for the faith.”


source:  A Look at the Early Church


BONUS! from the opening paragraph of the above link:

Have you ever noticed that the Bible gives us no clue as to what Jesus looked like? All our paintings of Jesus are merely the artist’s idea of how he might have looked. The first representation of Christ on record is actually a derisive graffiti on the wall of a house on the Palatine Hill in Rome. It pictured the body of a man being crucified but with the head of an ass. The inscription reads: “Alexamenos worships his god.”


Doing some reading online.  Just thought this was an interesting page.

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