Watch “Jesus Loves Ragamuffins” on YouTube

Jesus Loves Ragamuffins:

We had the privilege recently to watch a movie titled, Ragamuffin.  It is the life story of one of our favorite Christian musicians named Rich Mullins.  If you haven’t yet seen that movie, it is on DVD and Blu-ray.  It has some realism in with a few mild “cuss words” (e.g. “hel*” and “d@mn”).    There may be some who might want that disclaimer.

I’d have to say it must be one of the best Christian films I’ve ever seen.  I pretty much cried all the way through it.  I guess that might be another disclaimer!

The video I’m posting here is a follow-up devotional to the themes in the movie.  I must say they did a great job with this devotional as well. 
I hope you’ll watch this.  The speaker is the director and one of the main supporting actors in the movie.

Anyone reading this already viewed Ragamuffin?  Was it meaningful to you as it was to me?


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