The Lord Determines Our Steps (once again)

This post is a follow-up to last night’s post about our trip to Guanajuato yesterday.

As we typically do when returning from the long day that a trip to Guanajuato always entails, we stopped in the city of Querétaro for some tacos before making it the rest of the way home.  The taco places in that city are better than what we find here in San Juan.

As we were eating our various choices on the far west side of that city, a rain storm opened up and we sat there hoping the rain wouldn’t last long and we could get back out to the van without getting drenched.  I also wasn’t looking forward to a rainy drive in the dark.  Many drivers don’t know how to safely drive in the rain and on streets that are retaining water.  It can be a little risky.

Alas, the rain only slightly let up so we did our best to get to the van, but we were all a little soggy after even just seconds outside.

We were in a location that I always struggle to figure out how to get out of there and to where we needed to go, and I was quickly thinking through several alternative routes.  I would not have realized how important that decision would be until this afternoon when I read the news reports about that rain storm.  There was significant flooding on every route we could have taken.  We did actually drive through some standing water that at times was a few inches deep.  We saw one section of lateral road where a small car was attempting to move through the dark water and the headlights simply disappeared under the hidden depths!  (In the news report, the government said it was the worst rain storm of the season with 6 inches of rain in only 2 hours.)

So, I made up my mind quickly since I was already driving, and off we went.  However, all the other routes that I had formulated in my mind, but that we didn’t take, would have met with disastrous consequences.  I read in the news every street name I would have taken and that people were stranded in their cars for over 5 hours on those streets at that time!  Wow!

And yet we somehow took the one, and only one route, that got us through that side of the city and across and out toward San Juan without any major problem or delay.

Once again, looking back we can see that in even a simple thing like driving 30 miles home, the Lord determined our steps and saved us from a miserable experience that would have seen us waiting in our van for 4 or 5 hours with no way to get out or move forward or back as happened to hundreds, if not thousands, of other motorists at that hour.

Thank-you Jesus!


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