The Choice of Lot

As my first seminary class enters week 6 of 7, I continue to be blessed and enthralled with what I’m learning from the Old Testament.   The depth and breadth of the OT canon and all that it has to offer in teaching us about God is truly stunning.  The applications to today are truly endless.

Take Abram and Lot.  They sojourned to the Promised Land.  They had a decision to make.  Where to live.  There were two of them, so there were two choices.  Lot chose first.  He chose poorly.

In our little neighborhood, on one side of our house there is a large empty lot.  On the other side there is an adjoining house and then a large empty lot on the other side.  Both of these lots have been empty for the 9 plus years we’ve lived in this house.  Apparently, these large lots are double lots.

A couple weeks ago something happened.  Workers and machines showed up and started digging trenches, pouring footers, raising an exterior wall against the house on the far side, and embedding large rebar columns throughout the footers.  This all happened on half of that large lot on the other side of our neighbors.  The far side of that lot.

Today something else happened.  Apparently, the owners of the lot who are building the house discovered something important.  They are owners of lot #29 which they knew.  They’ve been building on lot #30 which they did not know.

Another bad lot choice.

(haha…just a little humor based on a true story…so far, other than a tremendously strong and long-lasting electrical storm throughout this evening, there have been no sightings of hail and brimstone…but I suspect someone may be thinking that the heavy rain after all these weeks of dry weather is just rubbing salt in the wound…probably should have looked back at their lot papers a little sooner!)


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