A Great Value?

It was our turn to drive for this week’s classes today.  We had a lot of shopping that needed done and Beth had three classes to teach, plus a clarinet lesson, so I decided to ditch my reading for the first day of my second week of NT class, and hit some of the usual stores (Sam’s, Walmart, Costco, Chedraui, and Soriana).

Every once in awhile come across something imported from the USA that we don’t normally see.  Today at Walmart, I found one box of Great Value Maple and Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal!  Wow.  I know what you’re thinking:

“This is amazing.  This is probably one of your best posts ever, Alan!”

Yeah.  You’re welcome!  And since you’re thinking that, I wanted to share one little discovery after we got home.

Looks good from the front:


Here’s the back.  It’s all in English (a good sign!).  There are the customary stickers for the Spanish-speaking customers…but wait.  What is…


Why did Walmart cover up up the “Great Quality. Guaranteed.” statement?  Hmmmm…what kind of quality are we getting here?  Is this a reject that they couldn’t sell in the USA?  Maybe this isn’t such a great value after all???


No telling, but if we suddenly croak from a mysterious breakfast toxin, you have the evidence here to follow-up for us.  Thanks.  In advance.


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