UPDATE: Prayer Request

If you saw my recent post concerning my dad’s health situation, this post may make a little more sense to you.  I did not post that one on Facebook and won’t be posting this one on Facebook either.  It’s probably a little too personal for me to share with such a broad audience.  I know only a few will probably see this here, but for you who follow with a little more interest and concern, I’ll just post this here for you.  Thanks for reading and praying.  I do have a couple of private FB groups where I posted the following so if you’re a part of one of those, you’ve already seen this.

I talked with my mom for about an hour tonight. She’s doing pretty well. The cardiologist was able to see Dad this morning. This doctor did Dad’s open heart surgery a few years ago. Dad has severe stenosis, a leaking heart valve, has suffered a couple of “minor” heart attacks since Tuesday which has caused damage to his heart, requires an oxygen mask 24/7, and his lungs are about 1/3 filled with fluid. He’s actually doing better with the medical attention. He’s a little confused and is irritable. Mom can only visit for a few minutes at a time because Dad can’t handle much beyond breathing.

The cardiologist says it’s “day-to-day” at this point. If Dad makes it over a week, he may be looking at a hospice situation. It would be an end of life scenario. He could hang on a couple of months, but the cardiologist didn’t think there is any chance beyond that, and even that seems a bit remote. Only God knows the number of breaths that Dad has left. Isn’t it good to know we’re in the hands of the Almighty God?

There won’t be a funeral for sure. There will be a brief graveside service. Their Alliance church shuttered the doors recently as it never recovered from the pastor leaving some months ago. So, they don’t have a pastor. I’d be happy to do the service or help do it, though I’ve never done one before, but it sounds like the burial will be very soon after Dad’s death with little waiting around. So, I don’t know if I’ll be able to logistically make that happen from here if I’ll only have a day or even two days notice.

I’m not stressed about it. The Lord is in control of all things. Mom reminded me that she won’t be able to keep up the missions support for us, and of course, that’s been long understood that this time would eventually come. We’ll be short $300 a month after this last month’s check that she’ll send. That will be another prayer request. Hate to even mention that here and now, but January is a-comin’! God provides. We’ll just have to be a-trustin’! Thanks for praying.


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