Not Enough Time

We all have 24 hours a day.  Until we don’t.

I have a lot to share here and not much of it is in any sort of order or logical sense at this point.  And I don’t have time.  I need some rest.  These last few days have been long and tiring.  I’ve got one day to get ready for a couple weeks away from home and being with Mom and siblings.  I’ll be able to make the graveside burial/memorial for which I’m grateful.  There will not be a funeral service.

The 5 siblings will be sharing around the graveside for a brief time, and will share a bit more at Mom’s house.  I’ve been asked to read my last blog post, “Meditations.”  I will do that.

If I have time and opportunity and can put two thoughts together that make any sense at all (and I’m not sure just when that will be), I’d like to take a few reflective walks through my mind and onto the screen you’re reading.  We’ll see if I can do that.  I’m not taking a laptop so I don’t know if I’ll even have time around a computer over these 2 weeks.

Until then, I can only come up with this painfully humorous song that has entertained me and captured my thoughts on such sober occasions for over 20 years.  Dad always liked a good joke and a good laugh.  He rarely told the former, but regardless, he often imbibed the latter to excess.  If the joke was in good taste, we were always relieved.  If it was “corny,” we knew he was in good health and no alarm bells went off or red flags were raised.

In the spirit of Dad’s effervescent sense of humor that bubbled beyond what we could sometimes bear, I share this song.  It’s just the right mix of eye-rolling humor and bad timing that would have made Dad laugh and beam with a sense of fatherly pride in the knowledge that he had passed on to his youngest son a prized, personal character trait.  And thus, the legacy of Dad continues…


[disclaimer: Dad never drank alcohol and would not have raised a glass of “the Irish kind” as in the song, but with an Irish surname, and Dad’s ability to laugh at a joke for the sake of a joke, I think we can overlook it just this once.]  🙂


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