There isn’t a lot to blog about when you’re sick.  Yes.  Sick.  Horrors.  It was mostly Bethie who was sick.  Hacking up lungs and feeling generally like death warmed over.  So, she went to a doctor (hard to find a good one around here…might have found one this time…might have).  She has an ear and throat infection and needed 4 days of shots.  Here in Mexico they don’t give you the shots.  You go and buy the medicine and syringes and then you figure it out.  You can go to a “cheap” doctor and have them poke you for a couple bucks.  Bethie did that the first day.  OUCH!  But that was a painful administering of a shot so she called our friend Kristin who lovingly came over the next three days and gave the rest of them.  That’s when Beth found out that the shots are just plain painful every time.

She also found out that her blood pressure was too low.  Like dangerously low.  It probably has been for about well…maybe a very long time…say at least 9 years.  She’s sort of a walking, breathing, hacking, coughing miracle on legs.  And that has nothing to do with her blood pressure.  🙂

Fortunately, she suffers not alone.  She gave it to the rest of us.  Cameron and Dayton ended up going with her back to that doctor.  They weren’t as bad off with the sinus/cold thing but did get some antibiotics to take orally.

Dayton however, did not come through quite as well.  He’s skinny.  His diet isn’t the best.  He does eat fruits and vegetables…just doesn’t quite seem to get it all in good proportions.  He’s not big on meat or peanut butter.  Protein apparently is lacking.  Salt is a problem.  He’s 13 and has a sodium problem?!?

The doctor pinched the skin on his arm a few times and demonstrated something.  He said it was a sodium problem.  He’s ordered blood tests.  He also quizzed Dayton on his diet to see if he could detect a sodium issue:

Doctor: What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Dayton: Saltines.


So, all is well, except Beth is a few heart rates above death and Dayton is dehydrated, salt-filled, and about to dry himself out to a level that a rural doctor would say is “kindling.”

Aside from that we’re taking all those Nyquil/Dayquil pills I bought in Florida last month.  That was timely.  I only take half a dose of Nyquil and I think it just about kills me.  I can’t get out of bed.  Tonight I’m trying Dayquil.  Hope I sleep.

My next MTS class started today.  Introduction to Theological Research and Digital Literacy.  I can’t tell you how much that title sounds like a Nyquil kind of class.  I hope I learn much and find that it turns out to be a Dayquil class.

A friend on Facebook posted the following video.  A good reminder of how the Bible can come alive, especially through the perspective of children, who don’t really know the Bible very well.  Nonetheless, they got the point of the lesson: mercy.



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