Never Too Old to Learn

I guess I’m sort of living proof of this, although I’m not THAT old.  You know, eternity and heaven are rather important and yet somewhat obscured from our vision and understanding.  I’m guessing that in our present state with minds and hearts affected by our sinful nature, that we couldn’t understand these truths that are just a breath ahead of each of us in Christ.  We can only imagine much of it.  I imagine that even though believers are and will be one in Christ and with the Father and Spirit, we’ll still be living in greater and greater knowledge and understanding throughout eternity.  Our infinite God will lead us to infinite new understandings and infinite new reasons to glorify and worship Him.

If that’s close to the truth, I think we do well to continue seeking to learn and to exercise our minds through each passing day and year of our lives in anticipation of an eternity of learning.

As you know I am on a path of study toward an MDiv Pastoral Ministries via Moody Theological Seminary that will take me about 5 years to complete.  It has been a good start as I’ve just completed the third class and 3 more credit hours for a running total of 9 hours completed now.  That’s 10% of the program.  So, that’s reason to celebrate learning and to thank you and to thank God for providing for the funds for me to be able to afford to study.  There has been great value in helping me grow personally, spiritually, and vocationally.  These classes are helping me become more effective in ministry as the learning is not just of books and papers, but of relationship and discipleship and being more prepared to teach others the faithful word that has been entrusted to me, so that they can in turn teach others (2 Timothy 2:2).

Thanks for your prayers and for your gifts toward the Timothy Scholarship through our home church, Bethel Baptist Church in Parkersburg, WV.  I am truly blessed.

Oh and if you’re interested in knowing this, I’ve earned A’s in all three classes so far.  I may not do that well in all of them, but I hope that is evidence of serious study and effort regardless of the outcome in the grades.  This last class was focused on learning how to use Logos, how to locate and use online research techniques, methods, and resources, as well as how to use Turabian grammar rules for citations and bibliographies in the writing of papers.

I have to admit that for the most part the subject of this class represent strong points for me, as I am comfortable with writing (as you know).  In my undergrad studies way back in the 80’s I took a couple of semesters of journalism classes and wrote articles for our campus newspaper, and I also won the freshman term paper award while writing it for Dr. Cornelius who was well-known at Bryan College for being a stickler for details and correctness.  I only missed 6 points in this entire class out of nearly 1,500!  🙂  I doubt I’ll be able to say that again over the rest of my graduate studies, so I might as well toot my horn a little right now while I can still savor the current success!

Praise God!

Hermeneutics starts next Tuesday!



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