Baby Dedication

The good news.  I survived the baby dedication on Sunday, the baby did great (I didn’t hold him during the service which contributed to that result), we had a houseful (around 30, including about 20 guests), the gospel was shared, and my Spanish held up (or out).

The better news.  During the lunch and fellowship time afterward, one of the great-grandparents on the wife’s side, was overheard repeating the gospel message to one of the aunts on the husband’s side, including what sounded like a prayer of salvation!  I didn’t catch that, but Bethie caught a little of it.  Praise God for using the service to share the Good News!

I kept it simple.  We began with a word of welcome, we went around and introduced ourselves by name, and then dove into the program.  There were three songs interspersed between the main points: The importance of the family (both the physical family and the spiritual family) using 2 Timothy 1:1-5 and Esther 2:5-7; the importance of the parents using 1 Samuel 1 (the baby’s name is Samuel and was named after the Samuel from the Bible; the mother here was not supposed to be able to have children, but like Hannah she prayed and prayed for a baby, and God graciously gave her their own baby Samuel); and finally, the importance of the Scriptures using 2 Timothy 3:14-15 and the gospel tract, “El ABC’s de la Vida” (“The ABCs of Life”).  I asked different believers in the group to read these passages and one of our young men read through the tract.

The main idea of the message was that this baby dedication was not for the baby because he didn’t know what was going on.  The dedication was for us…for the family of the baby, for the spiritual family of the baby (the church), and for the parents.  We are all responsible to help the baby Samuel to grow up hearing the Word of God and the gospel of Jesus.  So, just to be sure we all knew our part in Samuel’s spiritual journey, we’d better be sure to know what we’ll be sharing with him as he grows up.  At that part, we went through the tract together.  Of course, I knew there were a number of unsaved people present, so this was a good way to encourage them to hear and consider the gospel for themselves.

I think it went well.  Praise God for using it in the lives of those who attended.

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