Harvest Time

As we were getting ready to wrap our long school day in Querétaro today, I snapped a few pictures of the view from the hillside home of our missionary friends and hosts for classes this week, Paul and Denise Lambert.

The Lamberts are preparing to begin a new church plant with a small ministry team set to begin outreach in this new area of the city that has sprung up in the past couple years just down the hill from their home. We’re excited to continue ministering to this special family and their three youngest teenagers as they continue ministering in the harvest of souls.



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2 Responses to Harvest Time

  1. Jon Dewald says:

    What are those white things on top of the buildings? Q holds a special place in our hearts because we were there years ago. >


    • alanbeth says:

      In the very near ground, there are white rounded tanks, probably for LP gas. Behind that and through much of the photo those appear to be concrete housings for water tanks (“tenacos”). I took these pics from about a mile away so the detail is a little fuzzy.


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