“The Rest of the Story…” (which I never heard before)

If this “rest of the story” is new to you, here is your chance to not read this and to avoid coloring your image of what is probably one of your most beloved hymns. The hymn is still beloved and still speaks truth, but after stumbling across this, I am sure this will always flash through my mind whenever this hymn is sung or played. I’m sorry if this ruins a cherished hymn for you.

I wouldn’t say it has ruined it for me, but perhaps I will take to heart the reminder that we should always guard our way and walk in life and that we always examine ourselves and be sure that we hold to the sound words of Jesus and of sound doctrine. Because while we may experience peaks in our walk with Christ that result in much fruit and perhaps even eternal reward, the valleys of our walk as believers can result in “wood, hay, and stubble” (1 Cor 3:12) and cause much destruction in our wake.

Nonetheless, as I was in the process of finding music videos in Spanish that we could use for our house church services, I came across some information that at first I assumed was merely someone’s smear of an historical person’s life. Unfortunately, it was no smear. The facts appear to be well-documented by a number of what appear to be valid sources.

So, if you haven’t clicked away, and you’re curious, I will embed the YouTube video that I thought would not be factual, and then I will include a link to one account that supports the video. The video is actually more of a book review than an account, and you may find that you’ll want to locate the book for your own read. I think I’ve read enough already given I honestly don’t have time to add to my reading list, but you may want to read more for your own curiosity or simply to learn more.

Horatio Spafford: Not Well With His Soul


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