The Big Fizzle

The bad news is there is no bad news! The good news is the Big One, Hurricane Patricia, ended up doing relatively minor damage. I don’t think we have complete reporting, but for the most part, it does seem like the early reports are in agreement that the damage was limited. I have not yet read of any deaths or even injuries attributed to the storm.

Since the fury of the storm was relegated to a very small area, it struck a sparsely populated area, and for other particulars, the storm appears to have done less damage than some tropical storms have done in past years. Amazing. I’d like to think that our prayers may have contributed to the positive outcome.

This article seemed to give a good idea of many of those particulars:

Why Hurricane Patricia didn’t cause more damage

Thanks again for your concern and prayers. As the news reads today, we might want to pray for the people of Texas! The rains there have caused bigger problems than Patricia apparently caused here. BTW, we did get a very little rain from the aftermath of Patricia and we may still see some lingering, brief showers.


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