That Special Day

I don’t remember the last time February 14th showed up on a Sunday, but I’m sure it couldn’t have been as long ago as my memory can’t place it. Not that it matters, but Sundays pretty much rule out the last minute stick-save V-Day gift (I’ve always found the initials of this day to be a bit disconcerting).

Flowers are always good, but for mysterious and obvious reasons, the price of all flowers go up about two to three times normal in the week before and after this day. Of course, I wouldn’t let that stop me from buying flowers for the special occasion. However, Sunday morning church and three apologetic papers due on Monday probably will be enough to derail the whole thing. So, I will wait a couple weeks for the flowery robbers to lower their prices and buy two or three times as many.

So, in the meantime, here are a few sentiments that express the true meaning and motive of this man’s heart for his beloved:

A little romance…


A little adventure…


And a little reality…

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