Beth has been slowly coming out of her persistent illness (see previous post), and was feeling well enough (almost) to supervise a biology lab class yesterday with Dayton and the three Smith kids.

It was dissection time and you know what that means. Right. Time for me not to be around. I remember dissection time in 10th grade biology class. I watched my lab partner slice open a long worm. I don’t really recall anything else other than wishing I could have called in sick that day. Not that the room went black or anything, but then again, maybe it did. I can’t seem to handle too much in the category of…well…I’m not going to say it. My stomach is getting a little queasy just thinking about it.

So, they did something to a frog and a fish (which apparently had been exposed to too much heat or something and was too mushy to explore…what a shame). They might have dissected some date and banana bread too, but just thinking about that makes me feel a little queasy.

Here’s a few pics that I didn’t take. These are real-life shots (i.e. no fake poses). The good news is that Dayton was NOT adopted. He suffers from the same queasy nature that I have. If you’re REALLY observant, you might be able to notice something ohhh so slight in his body language that gives it away. (I have no idea where Dayton went after picture 2. I was left in the dark on that, so to speak.)


The Smith kids all got an A for their lab grade.

Dayton got an E-.


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