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I’m sorry that I have not been able to keep the blog updated with any regularity. I’ve been posting on my Facebook wall for the most part these days. I don’t have a lot of energy to juggle all the social media as I might normally be able to do.

Since I last wrote and mentioned some prayer requests, much has happened. We have had no problems getting to the hospital, and I’ve been able to do most of the driving which is a huge relief to Beth.

The meeting with the nutritionist was helpful and full of needed instructions. I have a pretty strict diet. If you have me over for dinner, please don’t be offended if I can’t eat anything you have to offer! It’s not quite that bad, but actually…it is.

The cardiologist was positive about there having been no deterioration in my condition which I guess is a positive thing. There wasn’t much to point out in the positive, but at least we know where we’re at and where we’re starting from in the recovery.

The CPAP device has not worked out. After trying to sleep with it for 2 weeks, I never managed to do anything but gasp for air as soon as I fell asleep. I never could actually stay asleep. If I need a device like this, I may have to start over in the USA with a better medical facility for helping me with resolving whatever issues are causing the problems I’ve had with it. On the other hand, I’ve been able to sleep without it so it isn’t clear to me that i really need it.

I did have one problem a week ago that resulted in a hurried trip to the ER. It turned out the burning in my chest was nothing to be overly concerned about, but I’m pretty sure it was a problem resulting from a lack of sleep. What sleep I was getting was usually very late in the night (basically morning). The surgeon came in to the ER and talked with me, and he gave me a 30 day prescription for a sleeping pill. That has helped immensely. I’m usually able to fall asleep by midnight or just after and to sleep to 5 or 6 a.m. This is not enough sleep, but it’s a big improvement.

I started rehabilitation this week. After a Monday stress test session (which was quite stressful to be honest), I began on Tuesday. I walked on a treadmill for about 25 minutes. That about killed me. I returned today and was obviously fatigued so they put me on the stationary bicycle for 30 minutes. Similar fatigue results but maybe a little less fatigued than the first day. I have one more session this week (tomorrow), and hopefully, I’ll survive that session and can get over the fatigue this weekend.

I’m not feeling great, but I’m alive and kicking and may God strengthen my heart and body to gain endurance and stamina and be able to handle more and more. It takes time and I’m not trying to hurry it, but I know that it takes hard work to get through to better health.

Beth is wrapping up the math co-op with her three students as they’ve decided the three 9th graders would be best served to just cut the class in half and finish it next school year. They’re working a couple of grades ahead, and there was really no need to keep pushing them to finish when that wasn’t going to be possible anyway. The boys are wrapping up a speech class with Denise Lambert (another missionary) who has been teaching that class. Tomorrow we’ll go in a little early for rehab and drop the boys off and after rehab pick them up. So, there’s some encouragement in knowing we’re seeing a little bit of our routine returning.

We’re considering resuming the house church services this Sunday. I won’t be able to do the normal routine, but I think we may have a brunch and short devotional and time of prayer. Every day is a little different at this point, but I generally can’t count on talking more than a few minutes before I’m fatigued or winded. I’m still thinking it through. I don’t want to commit and then have to excuse myself in order to rest, but I haven’t seen anyone from church since the heart attacks on March 8. I’ve only had some communication on Facebook. I really want to see everyone soon.

After rehab today we did stop in at the Lamberts who live in Querétaro, and Beth talked through the co-op situation, and I spoke some with husband, Paul. We’re looking at using their swimming pool next month for a Sunday service if we can work it out on our end for a baptismal. We have 5 wanting to be baptized but have not had an opportunity to work out a place and a time that works for everyone since several have challenging circumstances and can’t always be available on Sundays. What a joy it would be to finally see these followers of Jesus baptized in obedience to him.

Thanks for your continued prayers. The recovery is going to be a slow process, at least 6 months according to the doctors, but there is ministry to be done and while I can only do a minimal amount at this point, I do want to be faithful to serve Jesus to the extent that I can regardless of the circumstances. I’m not going to overdo it, but I’d rather die inside God’s will than to live outside of it. Wouldn’t you?



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