18 years ago today, about this time of day, in a third-world hospital operating room (more of a stall than a room), crammed in there with a pretty good teaching doctor, an anesthesiologist (who doubled as a photographer), a few medical students, and a nervous first-time momma, A&B became ABC. The doctor couldn’t assure us that all would go well. There had been a chance of losing them both, and just a few weeks before this special day, we almost did. But God had other plans and a powerful purpose.

So, 18 years later, to the day, Happy Birthday Cameron Alan McManus! (“Es Cameron no es Camarón,” as I said to the Spanish-speaking nurses writing down the all-important name for this miracle baby.)

What a life God has given to you, Cameron. You’ve  already slept in more beds and floors than most Americans sleep on over a lifetime…including four different beds just this past month. Your “home” has never been a place. It never will be, at least not on this side of eternity. Keep pursuing God with all your heart. He is the only home you’ll ever really need.


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