Pensacola, Florida

We’ve made our way through central Florida, visiting with my mother, both my sisters, Beth’s cousin, while getting a few hours on the Atlantic beach, visited an historical lighthouse, Kennedy Space Center, and gone tubing on the run of a natural spring. Yesterday, we left for Dallas and stopped in at Pensacola, FL for two nights so we could enjoy one full day at the beach and explore the national seashore and historical Fort Pickens.

We also enjoyed a seafood lunch (grouper nuggets…never heard of such a thing but they were very good, and a few crab-meat stuffed shrimp as an appetizer). We weren’t feeling well earlier in the month for our 25th anniversary dinner, so finally this was it! Months ago before the heart attacks, I thought maybe we’d celebrate our 25th anniversary in a big way this summer. Maybe a trip to Hawaii or somewhere out West. Couldn’t handle that either physically or financially, so a few nights in the mountains and a few nights on a beach will have to do. We’re blessed to have been able to do all that we’ve done this summer. I think we’ve celebrated pretty well.

We check-out tomorrow and hope to make the 650 miles to Dallas tomorrow if we can. We need to shop for supplies and auto parts there as well as fulfill my follow-up appointment with the sleep doctor on September 6. This should get ourselves ready for return to home in Mexico and return to ministry. The rest has been needed, and we’re grateful for the time we’ve had to take what basically was a medical leave.

We haven’t heard from Cameron since classes started a week ago, but he had been doing great before then! Dayton doesn’t mind not getting home too soon. 10th grade awaits!

I looked out off the balcony this morning and saw this beach ball being blown down the beach by an easterly. I hoped to see it later in the day when we were at the national seashore a few miles to the west, but it must have moved on to Alabama!

_DSC4625 _DSC4639 _DSC4643 _DSC4666 _DSC4691 _DSC4708 _DSC4720 _DSC4730 _DSC4738 _DSC4739 _DSC4750 _DSC4754 _DSC4761 _DSC4762 _DSC4769 _DSC4780 _DSC4789 _DSC4795 _DSC4803 _DSC4810 _DSC4815 _DSC4820 _DSC4822 _DSC4833 _DSC4838 _DSC4865 _DSC4867 _DSC4879

a fisherman’s catch _DSC4902 _DSC4906 _DSC4907 _DSC4908 _DSC4924

“Making America Great Big Again!” (sorry…I know that was bad! hee-hee)_DSC4927 _DSC4937 _DSC4948 _DSC4949 _DSC4955 _DSC4992 _DSC5011 _DSC5015 _DSC5058 _DSC5077 _DSC5088 _DSC5094

Not the best shark cage design!


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